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Poor Old Soldier


Words and Music - Peter Knight

Verse 1
[D]Oh you poor old [A] soldier what[Bm] will you [G]become
When there's [A] no one left[D] marching 
To the[G] beat of your[A] drum.
You[G] fought all the[A] battles and survived every [D]one
Old[G] soldier march[A] on, march[Asus2] on.[A]

Verse 2
Will you[D] join all the[A] wounded old [Bm]soldiers like[G] you,
And [A]reflect on the [D]glory like [G]old soldiers[A] do,
Will you [G]tell of your[A] comrades as they tell of [D]you,
Old[G] soldier march[A] on march[D] on.

Verse 3
[G]Will you relive each battle with[A] toy tin soldiers so
That[D] those who were lost can [G]survive
Will [A]you still see those[D] eyes
Under[A] dark smokey[D] skies
All those[G] comrades who kept you[A] alive.

Verse 4
Oh you[D] poor old (A)soldier what[Bm] will you [G]become,
When there's[A] no one left [D]marching to the [G]beat of your[A] drum
Will the [G]band still be [A]playing as you lay down your[D] gun,
Old [G]soldier march[A] on march[Bm] on,
Old [G]soldier march [A]on, march[D] on.

Poor Old Soldier transcribed by ANDY PARKER.
Thanks Andy..

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