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Little Sir Hugh

Little Sir Hugh
Trad. Arr. - Steeleye Span

Mother, mother,[G]make my [D]bed
[A]Make for me a [Bm]winding [A]sheet
[D]Wrap me up in a [G]cloak [A]of [Bm]gold
[A]See if I can't [Bm][A]sleep[Bm][A]   [[F#m][Bm][D][F#m]] x2

Verse 1
[D]Four and [F#m]twenty [D]bonnie bonnie [F#m]boys
[B]Playing at the [A]ball
[D]Along [F#m]came [D]Little Sir [F#m]Hugh
[B]He played with them [C#]all
He [A]kicked the ball very high
He [E]kicked the ball so [Bm]low [D]
He [A]kicked it [E]over the [F#m]castle [E] wall
Where [A]no-one [E]dared to [F#m]go [Bm][D][F#m]

Verse 2
Out came a lady gay
She was dressed in green
"Come in, come in, Little Sir Hugh,
Fetch your ball again"

"I won't come in, I can't come in
Without my playmates all"
For if I should I know you would
Cause my blood to [A]fall" [D] [A7]


Verse 3
She took him by the milk white hand, and led him to the hall
Until they came to a stone chamber, where no one could hear him call
She sat him on a golden chair, she gave him sugar sweet,
She lay him on a dressing board and stabbed him like a sheep

Verse 4
Out came the thick thick blood, out came the thin
Out came the bonny heart's blood till there was none within
She took him by the yellow hair, and also by the feet
She threw him in the old draw well, fifty fathoms deep

Chorus (repeat till end)

Little Sir Hugh transcribed by Jack Kavanagh
Thanks Jack.

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