2-CD & DVD. PRKCD104

Live at a Distance

Maddy Prior:- Vocals

Rick Kemp:- Bass, Vocals
Ken Nicol:- Guitars, vocals
Liam Genockey:- Drums
Peter Knight:- Violins, Octave Violin, Mandolin, Keyboard, Vocals

CD 1.


Who's The Fool Now 6.  Ned Ludd
2.  When I Was On Horseback 7.  Gone To America
3.  Two Magicians 8.  Seagull
4.  The Neck Belly Reel 9.  Lord Elgin
5.  Lovely On The Water  
CD 2.


Saucy Sailor 7.  I Live Not Where I Love
2.  The Weaver And The Factory Maid 8.  Bonny Black Hare
3.  Royal Forester 9.  Hard Times Of Old England
4.  The Blacksmith 10.  First House In Connaught/The Woman Of The House
5.  Edward 11. The Song Will Remain
6. The Three Sisters


Who's The Fool Now 8.  First House In Connaught/The Woman Of The House
2.  Seagull 9.  The Unconquered Sun
3.  The Dreamer And The Widow 10.  Betsey Bell And Mary Gray
4.  Today in Bethlehem 11. Lord Elgin
5.  Edward 12. The Three Sisters
6. Bonny Black Hare 13. Royal Forester
7. Ned Ludd 14. The Song Will Remain