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Jack Hall
Two Butchers

Jack Hall (Chords)
Music - Bob Johnson

[G] [D] repeated

[Em] [C] [Am] [D] [Em] [C] [Am] [D]
[Em] [C] [D with 7th]

Jack Hall transcribed by WILLIAM WOODS.
Thanks Will.

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Two Butchers
Words - Trad. Music - Bob Johnson

[D5] [E(sus4)]
[D5] [E(sus4)]
[D5] [E(sus4)]
[D5] [E(sus4)]

Verse 1
Itís[D] of two noble butchers as[E] I have heard men [F#m]say
[E]Started out from London all on a market day
And[A] as they were a-[D]riding as[A] fast as they could [E]ride
"Oh[A] stop your horse," says[D] Johnson, "for I[E] hear some woman[F#m] cry"

Verse 2
"I will not stop," says Wilson, "I will not stop," says he
"I will not stop," says Wilson "For robbed we shall be."
Johnson he got off his horse, searched the woods all Ďround
And there he spied a woman with her hair pinned to the ground.

Verse 3
"How came you here dear woman? How came you here fast bound?
How came you here this morning with your hair pinned to the ground?"
"They robbed me, they stripped me, they left me here fast bound.
They left me here this morning with me hair pinned to the ground."

May [D]God keep all good people,
May [E(sus4)]God keep all good people,
May [F#m]God keep all good people from[E] such bad company.[A]
[A] [D] [F#m] [E7]

Verse 4
Then Johnson he being a valiant man and a man of courage bold
He took his coat from off his back to keep her from the cold,
And as they were a-riding as fast as they could ride
She put a whistle to her mouth and she gave three shivering cries.

Verse 5
Up jumped three bold and swaggering men with swords all in their hands
Who then commanded Johnson, commanded him to stand,
"Iíll stop, Iíll stand," says Johnson, "as long as I can stand,
For never was I, in all me life, afraid of any man."


Verse 6
Oh two of them he quickly slew and the third he did not mind
ĎTil the false young woman took a knife and stabbed him from behind
Poor Johnson he spun round about and he fell down to the ground,
And he cursed that wretched woman who gave him his death-wound.

Verse 7
Now the day it being a market-day there were people traveling by
Who saw the awful murder, who saw poor Johnson die.
Now Johnson he was a valiant man, and a valiant man was he,
May God keep all good people from such bad company.



Two Butchers transcribed by IAN CRABB.
Thanks Ian.

Lyrics originally supplied by PETER SCHORN.
Thanks Peter.


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