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Gentleman Soldier



Verse 1
[A] Oh, it's of a gentleman soldier, as a [E] sentry he did [A] stand.
[A] He saluted a fair maid with a [E] waving of his [A] hand.
[A] So boldly then he [D] kissed her, and [A] passed it off as a joke.
Then he [A] drilled her into the sentry box wrapped [E] up in a soldier's [A] cloak.


Chorus (after each verse):
[A] And the drums did go [D] ratter-tat-tat and the [A] fifes so loudly [E] play
Saying [A] "Fare thee well, Polly me dear, I [E] must be going a[A]way"
Verse 2
All night they tossed and tumbled, till daylight did appear.
The soldier rose, put on his clothes, said "Fare thee well me dear,
For the drums they are a-beating, the fifes still loudly play;
If it weren't for that, Polly me dear, with you I'd long to stay."

Verse 3
"Oh come, me gentleman soldier, now won't you marry me?"
"Oh no, me dearest Polly, such things they never can be,
For married I am already and children I have three;
Two wifes are allowed in the army, but one's too many for me."

Verse 4
"Oh, if anyone come a-courting you, you treat him to a glass.
If anyone come a-courting you, you say you're a country lass.
You needn't even tell them that ever you've laid a joke.
That ever you went into a sentry box, wrapped up in a soldier's cloak."

[A] [D] [A]   [A] [E] [A]   [A] [D] [A]   [A] [E] [A]

Verse 5
"Oh come, me gentleman soldier, why didn't you tell me so?
Me parents they'll be angry when this they come to know."
When nine long months were up and past, the young girl she brought shame
She had a little militia boy and she couldn't tell his name.

Gentleman Soldier transcribed by Joellen Robinson .
Thanks JoE


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